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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

T.E.A = K.K.K.??

  It is always fairly easy to figure out when the Left is out of arguments. The race card is whipped out of any given Liberal's pocket as quick as the knife thrower at the circus. It is the last resort, to go to, old faithful.
  Most Conservatives, be they individuals or groups, have had the race card flung at them. It is almost a badge of honor. But perhaps no group of people has been branded with this accusation more than the Tea Party. Since its inception in 2009 immediately following the election of Barack Obama, Liberals have made it their mission to paint this group of ordinary American citizens as crazed gun toting, bible thumping, right wing extremists, who also harbored tremendous hatred for the nation's first black President, and in general, just anyone who did not look like them. You know, white people.
  But Liberal Democrats expend almost as much energy covering up their own shady racial past as they do trying to convince everyone that all Tea Party supporters have sheets hanging in their closets. Should we take a look at some of those less than harmonious episodes in the life of the Democratic Party?
  Well, for starters, the Ku Klux Klan was founded by Democrats. Nathan Bedford Forrest, and five other disgruntled Confederate veterans, thought it a much better idea to terrorize, lynch, and generally make life in the South a dangerous proposition for newly freed slaves, who just wanted to live their lives, and enjoy the freedom that for so long was denied them.
  But African Americans are not the only ones to enjoy the Democratic Party's steadfast tolerance of, well, anyone who just doesn't look like them. Almost immediately following the attack on Pearl Harbor which drew America into World War II, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, a Democrat, issued an executive order, commanding more than 100,000 Japanese Americans to report to internment camps. People who had done nothing more than be of Japanese ancestry. People who were hard working, law abiding citizens. And what did they get for their trouble? Being herded like cattle into "bleak, remote camps surrounded by barbed wire and armed guards". In short, humiliation.
  And in the most recent past, after a debate, candidate, now Lt. Governor-Elect, Democrat Ralph Northam refused to shake the hand of his opponent, E.W. Jackson, a Republican, and oh, by the way, African American. But perhaps the icing on the cake, who can forget, in their zeal to help the Democratic Party, the usual suspects at MSNBC, editing video tape of a Tea Party rally in 2010. The tape shows a man standing in the crowd at the rally, a rifle resting on his shoulder. They were so careful to edit out the crazy right winger's hands and face. Had their editing job been the least bit sloppy, the world would have seen that the entire picture was of a black man at the Tea Party event. Just another face in the crowd. But a face that Democrats could not afford to let
 be seen. It would mess up the whole narrative.
  More and more minority Conservatives are coming forth and making their voices heard, in the Tea Party and elsewhere. Maybe unfortunately for Liberal Democrats, they are students of history.       

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