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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thanks For The Small Stuff

  This is the week, the one week out of the year, that Americans take a day out of their completely impossible lives, to give thanks for their blessings. Most of us are thankful for a lot of the same things, our families, friends, still having a job, if we in fact, still do have a job. We are thankful for our health, and the health of our loved ones. We should absolutely be grateful for those things. But this year, I decided to go a different way. For those of you who know me, I know this is shocking. This year, I thought I would be thankful not just for the big things, but for some little things too. You know, those small little creature comforts that keep us off the ledge after a day that could not suck more.
  I don't watch nearly as often as I would like, but I am thankful for hockey. I have said many times that if I played, I am pretty sure that I would be an enforcer. I would not possess a tooth in my head, but I would be damn good at it. I am thankful for all of the great music on my iPod. Sometimes, I just gotta hear Ted Nugent, the "Peanuts" theme, and "Sweet Transvestite" from "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" exactly in that sequence. I am thankful for warm summer days, when my car, a 2005 black Chevy Cavalier, is freshly washed and waxed. Having grown up with a dad who was a serious car guy, I see sheer beauty in shiny steel, just begging me to hop in and break a few speed limits.
  Since we are talking about Thanksgiving, we must of course talk about food. They don't call it comfort food for nothing. But not just the standard turkey and dressing. I think it is perfectly O.K. to give thanks for the perfection of an ice cold beer at a baseball game. Be thankful for your favorite cake on your birthday, or that one meal, whether it was something your Mom made you as a kid, something of your own invention, or a fast food favorite that you simply must indulge in every now and then. By all means, giving thanks for Jack in the Box tacos is acceptable.
  Thanksgiving means giving thanks for all of those completely stupid things our friends, family, and co-workers say and do to make us laugh uncontrollably. The best part being when someone else walks in, and there is just no way to explain what is so funny. I can think of a few, and you know who you are. A nickname of "Beckers", "what in the blue hell....?!", and "licking the taco", immediately come to mind. I wish I could explain, but I am laughing way too hard, and it would take way too long.
  Then there are those even smaller things. Your comfy clothes after a long day. A wagging tail attached to your dog who is always unconditionally glad to see you. O.K. Maybe there is just one condition, and it involves food, but it is a nice thought to entertain. Turning on the TV, and finding your favorite movie. Sure you have seen it 237 times, will 238 cause a break out of world peace? Probably not, so who is it hurting right?
  We are all thankful for the most important things and people in our lives. Being thankful for the small stuff does not make you selfish. It makes you human.
  Happy Thanksgiving from The Conservative Cauldron!  

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