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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A Pattern of Persecution

  Last week, the Obama administration slapped itself on the back after talks between the United States, Great Britain, France, Russia, China, and Germany produced a somewhat lopsided deal between the West and the Islamic regime of Iran. While Iran will get a possible $40 billion dollars in sanction relief, the United States and its allies in this deal, get an "agreement" from Iran that they will freeze key parts of their nuclear program, they will cease enriching uranium beyond 5%, and will stop development of the Arak nuclear plant. The U.N. will also get greater access to inspections. There is just one little detail, how are we guaranteed that any of this will actually take place? A great American once uttered these three words, trust but verify.
  But while President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry were all over the place making sure that the rest of the world knew what great Statesmen they were, there was another little deal going, or rather not going on, that flew right under the radar.
  Mojtaba Atarodi is an Iranian scientist, who was arrested in California in 2011 for trying to aid his country's nuclear program by circumventing western sanctions. Saeed Abedini is an American citizen, born in Iran, and a convert to Christianity, and almost certain death sentence in Iran. So what is the problem with this picture? Mr. Atarodi was released under this agreement, while no mention was made of Saeed Abedini, and two other Americans being held by the Iranian government.
  According to the American Center for Law and Justice Chief Counsel Jay Sekulow, the Obama administration says that they are working on Abedini's and the others release" on the margins". And it is Sekulow who is asking the million dollar question, "Americans are 'on the margins', while convicted Iranian scientists are freed"? He also called it "a betrayal", saying that "Basically, Barack Obama and John Kerry turned their backs on their fellow Americans."
  This would not be the first time for such actions for either one. We can all remember during the 2004 presidential campaign, film of a much younger John Kerry, just back from 4 grueling months in Vietnam, testifying before a Congressional Committee, tossing his fellow soldiers right under the bus, accusing them of all sorts of wartime atrocities. And as for our illustrious President? One word need only to be said, Benghazi.
  Pastor Saeed Abedini had traveled back to his home country before. This time however, he was arrested and charged with compromising national security, but the specific allegations were not made public. He was to serve out an 8 year sentence in Iran's notorious Evin Prison. Last month, he was transferred to the Rajai Shahr Prison, where he will endure even worse conditions.
  There is yet another ominous pattern emanating from this administration. Saeed Abedini is being left to rot in an Iranian prison for his Christian beliefs. The Romeike family, a German family, also Christian, fled their native country because they wanted to home school their children, which is illegal in Germany, and are now facing possible deportation at the hands of Obama, Holder, and Company. What exactly is the Obama administration's beef with Christianity? The President claims to be a devout Christian. Is it a certain kind of Christianity that he feels threatened by? Perhaps it is the kind that is not in accordance with Black Liberation Theology. Is it any Christian doctrine that perhaps might not be heard in the Church of Rev. Jeremiah Wright? We don't really know. What we do know is that an American citizen is being persecuted for his religious beliefs. That should not happen to any American, at home or abroad, and it should be job #1 to get Saeed Abedini and other Americans being held in Iran home to their families.
  As of today, the ACLJ must rely on Europe to assist with Pastor Saeed's release. Is President Obama so willing to sacrifice a basic American, no human right, in order to make sure that Iran's Islamic regime is happy? If so, what or who will be sacrificed next?

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