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Monday, January 4, 2016

A Tale of Two Bills

  Ah the mainstream media. If you knew nothing about them and you had just landed here from Mars, you would think their job is to determine for all of these bumbling Americans what is best for them. You would think that their sole purpose is to tell people what to think, why to think it, and what they need to know and what can be left out. Throw in a healthy dose of lecturing, finger-wagging, and political correctness and their work here is done.
  What is interesting is how they determine who should be treated positively and who gets destroyed. Some of the criteria is business as usual. Liberal Democrats good, conservative Republicans bad, east and west coasts good, Middle America bad, and in 2015 all minorities good, all cops bad.
  But now there may be a problem, and the media’s solution to the problem will be interesting indeed. Recently, GOP presidential front runner Donald Trump stated that if Hillary Clinton attempted to portray herself as an icon of women’s rights and equality during a possible general election matchup between them, he felt that her husband’s indiscretions would absolutely be fair game. Well if you are a dutiful mainstream media zombie, you can’t have that! You will do whatever must be done to cover for Hillary Clinton and the Democrats, and if that means a few chicks sacrificed in order for the escapades of Hillary’s husband to not look quite so skanky well, so be it.
  Enter Comedian and Actor, beloved by Americans one and all, Bill Cosby. Most people were shocked to learn of the many women who had accused Cosby of drugging and sexually assaulting them, some as far back as the late 60’s and 70’s. It was a pretty far stretch to think that Cosby, Dr. Huxtable, America’s family man could have such a side that no one knew about.
  These two cases of very high profile individuals are being treated in the media in vastly different ways. Bill Cosby has been all but convicted by the liberal media, despite a lack of evidence in a lot of the cases. In fairness to the victims, no one is accusing them of lying, and they all tell a very similar story. However many of the incidents are 30 to 40 years old and any evidence would not likely exist anymore. More importantly, Bill Cosby has yet to have his day in court, his right as an American. But tell that to places like the TVLand Network, or any other channel you might have previously found reruns of “The Cosby Show”. Tell that to the numerous universities who have stripped him of honorary degrees. Tell that to any one of the products he endorses. Those entities are not waiting for a court date.
  Bill Clinton on the other hand, continues to be the darling of the Democrat Party. He is geared up and ready to hit the campaign trail for the Mrs. He will get slaps on the back and handshakes. Funny, plenty of women in his case also tell  similar stories. Some even accuse Clinton outright of rape. Way more evidence to go around in the cases of Clinton’s accusers. So what’s the difference? Has the liberal media finally come to a place where they have to decide what is more important, race or politics? It sure looks as though they have, and it sure looks as though which one they have chosen. What blacks, gays, and women must know about the Democrat Party by way of their secretarial pool known as the media is that politics will always win the day. Oh they want you to think that they are the only ones in your corner, the only ones who have your back, certainly not Republicans, but when it comes to protecting the Clintons, you better take your seat in the back of the bus.

  There are rumblings that the Democrats may already be looking at the former president as a liability for Hillary’s campaign. That may be a bit less harmful than the sizeable number of women who have long looked at him as a predator.           

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