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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Trump Derangement Syndrome

  Republicans and Conservatives always seem to bring out the “best” in Liberals. They do not like you so they have only one goal, shut you down, and/or shut you up. If you have the nerve to win an election, translated that means that they did not get their way so a chronic temper tantrum will ensue that usually lasts the length of said Conservative’s time in office.
  The most recent example of Liberal derangement came during the presidency of George W. Bush. It was a display the likes of which have rarely been seen. It had a big place in the spotlight thanks to Conservative new media. The name-calling, Hitler comparisons, and degrading comments regarding the mental health and capacity of Bush was a regular feature on mainstream media, and average Americans who just happened to be Bush supporters were not spared any liberal wrath when it came to trashing George W. Bush. If you dared to put a Bush election sign in your yard it was likely to be vandalized in some way or even disappear altogether. If you had a Bush/Cheney sticker on your car make sure your insurance was paid up as you were sure to run into some tolerant liberals who would treat you to some sort of “coexistence” like keying your car, smashing out windows, and slashing tires.
  With a new election season comes a new form of derangement syndrome, and it is coming from an unlikely source. This new strain is popping up amongst our own as the GOP is more divided over candidates than has been seen in quite a while. The derangement happens when you announce that you are a Trump supporter.
  Oh it starts out rather innocently, in the form of rational debate and discussion. But when it becomes apparent that you will not be changing your mind, the derangement ramps up a bit. You will be told that you are not a “true” conservative, as if the person with whom you are speaking has been dubbed the arbiter of all things conservative. As if on que the required Hitler comparisons are trotted out, the anti-Trumper believes  this creates actual credibility for him or her. But it’s not over yet, it is at this point that the state of your mental health is aggressively questioned.  But through all of this remember, this is merely a political debate among friends. Huh?
  In all fairness, a Facebook page appeared recently that specifically said no Cruz supporters were welcome. This would also fall under the derangement umbrella, not right either. No one is saying not to be passionate about your candidate, but how did we get here?
  As this process moves forward, and should it become apparent that Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee for president, will the anti-Trump folks announce they are taking their toys and going home or will they remain defiant and ramp up the derangement syndrome? Will they have a sudden “true conservative” epiphany and remember that our ultimate opponents are Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party, and just maybe it might be a good thing if we all unite against that common enemy?

  As we have seen time and again this election cycle, anything can happen and most likely will.  

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