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Monday, August 1, 2011

Smart Girls Everywhere

Hey Everyone,
  I know everyone's attention is on debt ceilings and defaulting.  But I just want to take  a side trip to tell you all how amazing the Smart Girl Summit was this weekend!
  Crowne Plaza Hotel was filled with smart, conservative women from all over the country! I could not make it to Friday's session, but Saturday was great!  The day featured wonderful speakers from American Majority and the Leadership Institute.  Then came lunch with an awesome question and answer session with none other than Andrew Breitbart.  Everyone had some great questions for him.  By the way, yes, I am THAT Wiccan conservative that stood up and lamented the fact that I just might not be welcomed with open arms should I decide to make a trip to Washington D.C for the annual CPAC convention next year.  Since they decided that the gay conservative group GOProud does not meet up with their standards I figured wow, maybe a simple mid-western Witch like myself should not waste my time packing up my broom and heading east.
  The afternoon started with a screening of "The Undefeated".  A fantastic documentary/movie about Sarah Palin.  next came some very smart girls like Ann Wagner, running for Congress from Missouri's second district.  Sarah Steelman, running for Senator from Missouri.  Jackie Walorski, running for Indiana's second Congressional District, and Gabriela Saucedo Mercer, running for Arizona's  Seventh Congressional District.  Last, but certainly not least, Presidential Candidate Herman Cain, who brought everyone to their feet with a rousing and inspirational speech.
  What a day to bask in the presence of beautiful strong conservative women!  Look out America!  We are just getting started!      

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