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Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Tea Party And God(dess)?

Hey Gang,
  There was a very interesting article this week posted on Glenn Beck's news website "The Blaze" by Billy Hallowell titled , "Is The Tea Party A 'Spiritual Movement'"?
  That in itself is a good question. There is always, it seems, the never-ending question of whether or not the Tea Party has been taken over by the "Christian Right."  I would like to take that question one step further. Is the Tea Party a CHRISTIAN spiritual movement?  There certainly are elements of Christianity to the Tea Party. Our country was founded on Judeo-Christian principles. Principles I would argue are universal in large part.
  But, as a Wicca, is there room in the "spiritual" part of the movement for me?  When most people hear the word "Wicca", they associate it with the Judeo-Christian definition of "Witchcraft", which goes directly to magick, spells, and all things evil.
  What most people don't know is that Wicca has four basic tenets that, I believe are quite Conservative in nature.
1. Harm None (not even yourself)
2.Be responsible for yourself and your actions.
3.Respect Nature
4.Put out into the Universe what you would like to get back.
  We take these laws very seriously and try to live our lives by them.  Most of us pray and/or meditate daily.
  Tea Party people come from every walk of life. Republicans, Democrats, and Independents of every size, shape, color, and yes, religion.  That is part of, dare I say it, the magic of the Tea Party.  I don't mind being your friendly neighborhood Witch in a sea of good Christians.  We all love our country and don't like what we see happening to it. 
  So, if the Tea Party faithful find a natural correlation between smaller government and the strengthening of their faith, so be it.  I consider myself a member of the Tea Party , and my faith is definitely strong, so count me in. 

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