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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

July 4 Thoughts

Hope everyone is having a fun, fantastic 4 of July. Hopefully staying cool! This a special day for Americans. There are about as many ways to describe what it means to be an American as there are, well, Americans. On this day, we are all so thankful to have been born in the greatest country on the face of the Earth, and even in the most trying of times, we have no problem counting off to the world why we, as Americans are so blessed.
  236 years ago, a group of men gathered for an experiment. They came from all walks of Colonial life. Some were wealthy, some not so much. But they all shared the same dream. An independent nation, free of the shackles of the Monarchy of England, where they would govern themselves as they saw fit. They drew up a Bill of Rights and a Declaration of Independence. They declared to the world that their rights did not come from government, but from their Creator. They quite willingly signed their names to documents that would most certainly see them jailed, if not hung for treason if King George had his way. But they knew that it must be done, and they were willing to literally risk their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor for this experiment. It took five years, but an army of farmers pushed back the greatest military force on the planet at that time, the British Army. Then they saw about the founding of their new nation.
  America has not always been a perfect nation. We have ugly scars of the past to show for that. But in their wisdom, and just plain genius, the Founders of the United States knew that we were human, and humans tend to make mistakes. So they made sure that there were mechanisms in place to correct those mistakes and that America would be a better, stronger place for it.
  America has always been a beacon of freedom and liberty for all those around the world who seek a better life for themselves and their children. In the early part of the 20th century, people came to the United States with just what they could carry with them. They came with no money, not knowing the language, but with a willingness to work hard, and the burning desire to just be Americans.
  Americans will be faced with tough choices in the next couple of months. We will debate, discuss, argue, and just plain yell at each other. But because of the people who have come before us, and sacrificed all that they have, and possibly their lives, we are able to do just that. We are able to do those things because of the freedom and liberty that we continue to fight for every day. Someone said on the radio the other day that he had to continue to fight "because there is no place else to go."
 Truer words were never spoken.             

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