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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Terror In Colorado

  The nation was left in shock on Friday when early that morning, at a midnight showing of the new "Batman" movie, "The Dark Knight Rises", a man clad in body armor and wielding a semi-automatic weapon and a rifle burst into the emergency entrance of a theatre in Aurora, Colorado and made his way up the center aisle, shooting randomly, and at anyone who tried to escape the carnage. When it was over, 12 were dead, and over 70 people wounded.
  There are so many questions, especially about the suspect, 24-year old James Holmes. Today, Aurora Police spent the day attempting to enter Holmes's apartment, which he had left boobie-trapped and wired to kill the first person who tried to enter. It will no doubt hold the answers to so many of those questions. The first and foremost one being, why?
  There is another why. Why does it take a tragedy like this for people to ask things like, just what, exactly, has happened to us as human beings? What is lacking, or just completely not there anymore in our psyche that allows this to happen? How does a seemingly normal human being, certainly with people around him that love him deteriorate to this? The sad and scary part is that there are more and more people to ask that of. Take the rash of violence in Chicago right now. This is not a political thing, a Republican or Democrat thing, a Conservative or Liberal thing, or a black and white thing. It is a human thing. How did we become just a group of targets?
  We seem to be in dire need of some sort of societal intervention. We have to stop being afraid to call things what they are for fear someone will be offended. Quite frankly, fear of being offended is getting people killed.
  As usual, the electronic lynch mob, otherwise known as the mainstream media, were pretty sure, even before the shooter was out of the theatre, that this was all the fault of Conservatives, the Tea Party, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, the list goes merrily on. ABC's Good Morning America even went as far as going on the Colorado Tea Party website and finding a James Holmes, and promptly went on to inform the public that this may be the guy. Never mind the fact that 50-something Jim Holmes had recently joined the Tea Party group, and now had to disconnect his phone, all because of the "public service" done on behalf of ABC News. I can't speak for all Conservatives of course, but I am getting damn sick and tired of having to defend myself, and others of like mind to the rest of the world every time some nut job with a gun decides to kill innocent people, and having those "journalists" at ABC, CBS, NBC, oh hell, everybody knows who they are, try to pin it on us simply because we have a different opinion! Newsflash to inane, incompetent, Manhattan living, limo riding, never been west of DC, Harvard, Columbia boobs who pass themselves off as "serious journalists", not being exactly like you does NOT make us DANGEROUS! Could you all climb out of the backside of Barack Obama just long enough to maybe, just for one minute even, just be Americans? Americans who would like to comfort the grieving and help the survivors of this nightmare? Would it be too much to ask of you to just be compassionate? To simply help your fellow human beings?
  I promise, you will have plenty of time later to blame as many of us as you can fit in one of your Sunday morning snoozer shows.
  Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims, their families, the survivors, and the community of Aurora. May the Goddess lift you into her arms and comfort all of you in this difficult time.                          

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