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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Left: Playing Chicken Again

  You might find yourself scratching your head when you read that a Wiccan would jump to the defense of devout Christians, but that is exactly what you will read here. In light of news that Chick Fil-A, one of the nation's largest fast food chains, has given money to groups that oppose Gay marriage, a vicious smear campaign on various websites, and on Facebook and Twitter has erupted, driven largely by the ever-so-tolerant Left.
  But why would we expect anything else? Those shining examples of open-mindedness have already displayed their tolerance of people like Black Conservatives, and well, Conservatives in general. Especially when we have the utter gall to think freely for ourselves, and then, have even more nerve to (gasp!), say it out loud!
  We have talked a lot about business owners lately. About the fact that they are rich and therefore should "pay their fair share" of taxes. About the fact that they really didn't build that business by themselves, the government helped of course. And now, they cannot contribute their own earnings to groups and causes they believe in, and if they happen to be Christians, have the audacity (Liberals love that word don't they), to live their lives and run their businesses accordingly. For the Left, there is just one answer to that. Ban it. Shut it down. Run  them out of town, or don't even allow them in town, like Boston Mayor Tom Menino, and Chicago's own pillar of piety, Rahm Emanuel, who said that "Chick Fil-A values are not Chicago values." Would that be the you-better-be-armed-when-you-go-to-Chicago values, or the drive-by shooting values?
  One thing to know about  Wiccans, religious discrimination hits very close to home for us, usually because it has happened to us. So we take it seriously. Why do people seem to forget that this country was founded by people fleeing religious persecution? If you don't agree with some one's religious beliefs, don't frequent their establishment. It is very simple.
  But Liberals, in their on going attempt to run every one's lives, because they better than the rest of us unwashed slobs, find it perfectly o.k to tell Chick Fil-A how to run their business, and if they don't comply, well, we will make them comply. Because everyone knows that a good smear campaign always makes you want to do things their way right?
  So a big thumbs up to Chick Fil-A. For not backing down. For not knuckling under to a bunch of hippie lefties who are nothing more than bullies in a schoolyard. Usually, when you stand up to the bullies, they back down, and you find out they really are just chicken.  

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