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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Being Thankful

  On Thursday, we will all stuff our little faces with turkey, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie, to name just a few items on the gluttony list. We will have houses full of people, chasing kids and watching football. Maybe before the chaos ensues, it would be a good time to think about the things we are most thankful for.
  First and most importantly, I am thankful for my awesome family. My wonderful husband Randy. He is my best friend, and biggest supporter. Randy is an aspiring writer, and I am so proud of him. My Mom, who has learned to at least cope, on most days, with being a widow. It has been three years since we lost my Dad, and it doesn't seem to get any easier. But she has learned to do things, and be on her own in ways I am sure she never thought she would. Must be the Irish in her. My brother Marc. He is a part-time musician who would love to be a full-time musician. But alas, there are bills to be paid. So he, like so many other frustrated rock stars, must keep his day job. He has gone back to school, and even made the honor roll. I am also very proud of him.
  I am thankful for all of the good friends we have. Kathy and Jon, we always have fun when we get together. Martin and Gina, you guys have become such wonderful friends to us. Don't know what we would do without you. All of the good friends I have made in the St. Louis Conservative movement that are too many to mention here. We will continue the fight every day, and in every way!
  I am thankful for being employed. It might not be my dream job, but when so many people are unemployed, I can only count myself and my husband as fortunate. I am thankful for the roof over my head. After seeing so much devastation in the northeast after hurricane Sandy, it is the things you take for granted, that you end up appreciating the most.
  Perhaps the most overlooked on a day to give thanks, I am so grateful to be an American, and live in the greatest country on Earth. Things may look a little shaky right now, and the next four years even worse. But we are Americans, and we will do what we must do to keep America safe, and keep her the shining city on a hill that she was meant to be.
  It may be a little early to talk about the new year, but I know that good things are going to happen. Optimism is in the American DNA. It is what we do. It is who we are.
  Happy Thanksgiving.

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