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Monday, November 5, 2012

Go Time

  Americans have elected a President in trying times before. During World Wars, during the Cold War, during times of dire economic uncertainty. It is during these times that these elections were called "the most important in our life time." This time around however, nothing could be more true.
  Tomorrow, Americans will go to the polls not just to decide the next occupant of the White House, or to decide between Republicans and Democrats, we will  be deciding on the very idea of America.
  At the risk of being overly dramatic, so much rides on this election. So much is at stake. Do we want to be a place a hopes and dreams? Where people come from all over the world because they want to escape the boot of tyrannical government on their necks, and enjoy the freedom to succeed, or to fail, depending on their own will, their own strength, their own hard work and determination? Do we want to be a place where government creeps into every corner of our lives, or where we have the freedom to live our lives, and raise our children the way we see fit?
  America simply will not survive a second Obama term. We cannot survive another four years of a President who does not believe that this nation is an exceptional place, that does not need to be apologized for. We cannot survive four more years of 23 million people unemployed, 47 million people on food stamps, and a government that seems to be willing to stop at nothing to keep small businesses from succeeding. America cannot survive another four years of it's Military not having the training, the equipment, the readiness, and the respect that makes it unmatched. They deserve a Commander In Chief who does not look at that title as simply a necessary evil, one that just happens to come with the job.
  Will America remain what the Lady in the harbor represents? The land of freedom and liberty? Or will we allow those freedoms to be chipped away at one by one? Will those of opposing viewpoints become increasingly targeted the more they continue to speak out? And we will continue to speak out.
  How much longer before we no longer recognize our country? How much longer before we are unable to save it?
  It's go time people. Make it count.     

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