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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

We Are The Resistance

Well, here we are. The same spot we were in this time back in 2008. Let's face it. Losing sucks. It has been kind of a rotten day for Conservatives. Last night, we watched Barack Obama win re-election, and most of us no doubt stared at the television watching the results and scratching our heads. How could this possibly happen? How could a President with the record from hell that he has possibly get re-elected? We watched as thousands of people cheered at the prospect of four more years of record  unemployment, shaky futures at best for small business, and a never ending stream of entitlements and goodies for those that feel they are entitled and goody deserving.
  What happened? What did we do wrong? What did we do right that maybe we should have done more of? Of course there has been a whole lot of Monday-morning quarterbacking and finger pointing going on. I would like to offer my own suggestions.
  Absolutely number 1, the hierarchy of both the Missouri State and National GOP needs to endure a very thorough housecleaning. Top to bottom. They seem to be checking off their own winners and losers, and bestowing money on those they deem "worthy." There is just one problem. They are not asking the people who they deem worthy. And if you screw up, don't plan on them letting you forget that any time soon. Todd Akin is an expert on this. On a very basic level, there is nothing wrong with old white guys, however, the Party is filled with old white guys. Their ideas are old and stale and are obviously not getting us anywhere. We need to recruit young people from all walks of life not only to investigate Conservatism for themselves, to find out what it really means to be a Conservative without any spin on it, but they must also be recruited to higher office within the State and National Republican Party, and also to run as Conservatives at the State and National level.
  Second, would it be too much to ask that the leaders of the Republican Party, to put it politely, acquire a bit of testicular fortitude? When Liberals and the Media ramble on about Conservatives being nothing but racist, sexist, bigoted homophobes, smack them back! Why on Earth do we not attempt to correct this Liberal moon bat jackassery at every turn?! Why do we give them a pass when they attempt to paint millions of Americans who want nothing but a return to basic Constitutional principles and values in this light? We have our own media now, time for them to actively pursue dominance over dinosaur media right now.
  Finally, we have to be the ones to hold Conservative Lawmakers accountable. We have to be the ones to find stories, uncover scandal, publish the underground newspapers, blogs, websites, host internet radio shows, do what ever we must to counter the fundamental transformation of America that fewer and fewer seem to know or care is taking place. Most of us were not in a good mood today, but today is over, and the fight begins anew tomorrow. Our nation is too precious a place to let go down without fighting for it until our last breath is gone.
  We....are the resistance.

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