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Monday, March 19, 2012

Chaos At The Caucus

  One of Missouri's reddest counties erupted in a near riot on Saturday morning as police were called in to quell a handful of rowdy caucus-goers.
  Accounts of what actually happened vary, and there appears to be A LOT of finger pointing. But the melee apparently began when a pre-ordained rule against recording devices was issued. That turned into dissatisfaction at the way the rules of the Caucus were being conducted. I will not rehash the whole scene bit by bit here. One of the best pieces for that is by Virginia Kruta and can be found at But long story short, the police were called and the entire circus shut down with no delegates awarded.
  So where do we go from here? The Missouri State GOP says it will reschedule the Caucus. But should we really be taking a harder look at the whole process? The state of Missouri spent millions of dollars on a Primary that was meaningless, and then held caucuses that were hopelessly complicated at best.
 Does the Missouri GOP need to scrap it all in 2016 and go back to the drawing board to do what is right for the voters of Missouri by holding a fair Primary election that actually counts and will determine a legitimate Candidate preference?
 In full disclosure, I am no fan of the Caucus process. It is confusing and time-consuming, and similar problems were reported in 2008. One could argue that no one could have anticipated this many viable candidates at this stage of the nominating process. There is also a very valid argument for dividing up a large and growing county like St. Charles into townships as was done in St. Louis County.
 The positive in all of this is that, as a local talk-show host pointed out this morning, people are hungry. They are packing themselves into over-flowing caucus locations, and are willing to be arrested in order to cast a vote to ultimately remove Barack Obama from office. If you are the Obama Re-election Team, Captain Chaos is not your friend.        

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