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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Andrew Breitbart 1969-2012 Remembering A Patriot

  The Conservative movement lost one of it's fiercest warriors on Thursday. Andrew Breitbart, commentator, activist, and founder of the "Big" websites passed away unexpectedly early Thursday morning at age 43.
  Breitbart collapsed near his Los Angeles home as he was taking a walk. It was revealed on Thursday that he had been being treated for a heart condition. Anyone who met Andrew, even as briefly as I did could not help but be taken in by his love of country, and his passion for wanting all Conservative voices to be heard. He worked tirelessly to expose the real agenda behind groups like ACORN and fighting for Black Conservatives to express their views without the likes of the mainstream media, the NAACP, and others label them as "Uncle Toms" and "sellouts".
  While we are all reeling from the news of Andrew's passing, we all go forward to carry on the fight for him. The enormous loss of Andrew will make us all stand up taller and speak louder for what we believe in and what we think is right. Andrew taught us to stop being nice, get in their faces, call things what they are, and not be afraid to piss anybody off.
  Andrew's passing has also reminded us to make every minute of every day count. Do not waste a nano-second of the time we are given. Make a difference, for we never know when our time here is done.
  At last year's Smart Girl Summit here in St. Louis, I had the chance to ask Andrew what kind of advice would he give someone like me who was trying to make a career change and get into politics and blogging. His answer to me was,"Get in their faces!" Well Andrew, at your urging, I will most definitely, get in their faces.
  Our thoughts and prayers are with Andrew's wife Susie, and their four children. Rest in peace Andrew. We love you. We miss you, and we will fight that much harder in your honor.       

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