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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Era Of The Obama Sponge

When most Conservatives hear the name Pelosi, the reaction is one similar to hearing that pig on the Geico Insurance commercials squeal, "Whhheeeee" at top volume. So when documentary filmmaker Alexandra Pelosi, daughter of Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, traveled to Mississippi prior to last week's Primary to find out why it is such a Conservative state, we pretty much knew what we were in for. Toothless White trash rednecks standing in front of their shacks telling the world that they don't like the President. Not because he is Black, but, "because he is a Muslim!"
  But Pelosi, to her credit, flipped the coin, went to New York, in fact, right downstairs from her own apartment, to a Welfare Office to talk to the folks.
  The video speaks for itself. At one time in America, there was a stigma, a way that the rest of society looked at you if you had no desire to support yourself and contribute to society. You were called names like "bum", "deadbeat", maybe "hobo" or "drifter" if someone wanted to put a polite spin on it.
 But not anymore. The arrogance and in-your-face attitude of these professional spongers is jaw-dropping and infuriating. A couple of the men interviewed state that they are there to "get a check", "just get whatever I can get", and one man states that he is there for "some Obama bucks." From the guy who says that he has not held a job for "about half a decade", to the man who claims that I and the rest of the taxpayers of the United States owe him a living "because of my ancestors, the slaves built this place", the sense of entitlement is on full and gaudy display.
 This is Barack Obama's legacy. The percentage of Americans on some kind of government assistance has skyrocketed in the last three years, and shows no signs of slowing down. But how does this mentality set in? Is it from people who grow up in welfare households and just don't know how to function any other way? Lack of education is a definite factor, but not because there is no opportunity to get one. When the government is engaged in class warfare on a daily basis certainly doesn't help to squelch the gimmes.
 So what happens to America when more people feel they are entitled than there are people to work to fund the entitlement? America was founded by people who came from far away with nothing, and knew that if they wanted to provide a good life for themselves and their families, they had better not be afraid of hard work. We have achieved a standard of living envied around the world because fortunately, the majority of us work longer hours and more days per year than any other country in the world. To continue on this path of the fewer and fewer supporting the lazier and lazier is simply unsustainable.
  To quote a truly great American, Ben Franklin, "When you make poverty easy, you have more of it.."             

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