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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mainstream Media-Guilty Of Treason

Like a lot of people, I tuned in to watch "Hannity" on the Fox News Channel Wednesday night to see an explosive new video put out by the Breitbart people. It is what Andrew Breitbart was apparently working on at the time of his sudden death.
  The video, from 1991, shows a young Barack Obama, the editor of the Harvard Law Review, at a rally defending a Professor named Derrick Bell. Bell, a close associate of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, held some pretty radical views. He believed that the Civil Rights movement was too moderate because it accepted the status quo, and a story he wrote in 1993 went something like this. White Americans would sell Black Americans into slavery to space aliens to relieve the national debt, and that Jews would be all for it.
  As damning as this new information is, and the word is that there is more to come, the fact is we have known all along that Obama associated with radicals, more than likely right up to his announcement that he was running for the Presidency. He then promptly threw said radicals under the bus so as not to be discovered.
 The most disturbing aspect of all of this is that once again, the mainstream media is covering for Barack Obama. But this time with more sinister implications. It seems that if you are a White Liberal with a heavy dose of White Liberal guilt heaped upon you, or you are a Black Liberal, getting the Black man in the White House was all that mattered. When skin color trumps the fact that you are an American, and as an American only want what is best for the country, we are sliding down into a very bad place.
  As for the media, Webster's Online Dictionary gives 2 definitions for treason. The first being,"the betrayal of a trust." If an entire industry can knowingly cover up these kind of facts, what else can they be covering up? Are they hiding things that are potentially a danger to the United States all in an attempt to make sure that Barack Obama does not look incompetent and completely in over his head as he so obviously is?
 If that is the case, then that is most definitely a betrayal of a trust, and it is a textbook example of treason.        

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