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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Community Organizing Conservatives

It seems like the Left has always cornered the market on boycotts, protests, and making enough noise to get their candidates elected. But in case no one has noticed lately, something is starting to happen.
  It began in early 2009 when the mainstream media declared the Republican Party dead. Then, CNBC's Rick Santelli ranted that a Tea Party style revolt needed to happen. The rest, as they say, is history.
  Conservatives have learned a lot in the last four years. They learned that they were definitely not alone. They learned that a big part of the problem was in house. Old timey squishy Republicans, who got elected and re-elected year after year. They didn't rock the boat, didn't make waves once they got to Washington. They slapped Liberal Democrats on the back and called them their friends so everybody would like them.
  So in 2010, Conservatives found their voices. They found them in a big way. With the help of the Tea Party, which had become reality, they swept through the House of Representatives and Governor's mansions in a way that had not been seen, at the very least since 1994.
  Elections years are tricky things it seems for the mainstream media. Once again, they are sounding the death knell for the Tea Party. They must figure they have to start on that early. But once again, Conservatives are fighting back. With the support of Chick Fil A in record numbers, after the uproar over comments made by CEO Dan Cathy in support of traditional marriage. Then, with the run-off election in Texas, where the Tea party favored candidate, former State Solicitor General Ted Cruz won over Republican "establishment" candidate, Lt. Governor David Dewhurst, who was thought to be the heir apparent to this seat. Cruz will face Democratic nominee Paul Sadler in November.
  Ted Cruz won the nomination because of Grass Roots. Pure and simple. The biggest thing for Conservatives to take away from the Ted Cruz victory, and others like it, is that they have discovered their power. They went door to door, they made phone calls, they held fund-raisers. They organized the community for Ted Cruz. And they won. Now they have to keep winning. Keep flexing their muscles. Get rid of wishy-washy moderate Republicans. Stop giving a damn whether or not the mainstream media is going to like us. They won't. Keep standing up and speaking out Conservatives. Keep rocking the boat until we overturn it.
  Establishment Republicans, your time is up.  

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