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Monday, August 20, 2012

Piling On

  I really have been trying very hard not to write about Congressman Todd Akin, and his unfortunate remarks about "legitimate" rape. For the simple reason that the whole thing is so stupid and blown wildly out of proportion.
  Having said that, what I find completely jaw-dropping is the never ending ability for Republicans and Conservatives to eat their own. Nobody on the right is going to condone what the Congressman said. It was inane and uneducated at least. Highly insulting and insensitive to any woman who has been a victim of rape and abuse at best.
  Akin has since apologized for what he said. As a supporter of Akin's I like to think what he wanted to say was actually correct, it just got horribly twisted in the transition from brain to mouth. But for some on our side, apologies and promises to do better next time are just not good enough. Establishment Republicans seem to be saying,"Congressman, could we please have your head on a platter so as to make an example of you for the next Conservative that writes stupid checks with his or her mouth that their brain never intended to cash?" "Better yet, could you please just step down from the race so that we can hand a much-needed Senate seat back to Claire McCaskill so she can continue to rubber stamp every Obama edict that comes down the pike?
  It is times like these that require, shall we say, a little "testicular fortitude" from Conservatives. But in the wake of comments by Mitt Romney and others condemning what Akin said, and both the Missouri and national GOP Committee pulling support from Akin's campaign, it appears that he will be getting, at least from the State Republican Committee, the CD1 treatment. The CD1 treatment is when you do not support your strongest candidate, and basically hand the election to your Democratic opponent because you don't want to make anyone angry. Hey Missouri GOP, how did that work out for you?
  Unfortunately, it is probably likely that the Republican Grand Poobahs will make life miserable for Todd Akin until he cries "Uncle", and withdraws from the race. Maybe the Libertarian or the Constitution Party candidates are still available. They can probably count on a call from the Republican Party.          

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