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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Conservative Media Bias? Yes!

  What are Conservatives chief complaints about the Liberal media? That there is always an agenda, that it is hopelessly one-sided, and that they can beat a story to death until the next shiny object comes along, and then they are on to their next object of destruction.
  But in the wake of the Todd Akin circus this week, with Conservative media right there to jump on, who needs Liberals? Let's get some things straight right from the start. What Akin said was inexcusable, and should not be condoned by anyone, and he should never have done an interview with Charles Jaco in the first place. Anyone who has lived in St. Louis for 5 minutes knows that Jaco does not exactly have the warm fuzzies for Conservatives.
  As soon as this story broke, every Conservative media pundit, not so much local, but definitely national, promptly went about finding a table to get up on and jump up and down and scream about how Todd Akin must go now! Most of these people had never even heard of Todd Akin, but they were sure he was going to all but hand a second term to Barack Obama.
  Instead, what if this had happened. All those Conservatives went on TV, acknowledged the incident, roundly condemned it, even gave their opinion on whether or not he should stay or go. Then said, "Now let's talk about the economy, let's talk about jobs, let's talk about how we can get this country moving again." That's not what happened. Mark Levin must have popped a blood vessel the way he ranted on. Ann Coulter called Akin a "selfish swine", who only thought of himself by staying in the race. Funny, I know there must be one or two people who support Akin. Certainly no one bothered to find them. Is this the "fair and balanced" that we Conservatives have been known to give a rant or two about?
  Did I miss something, and it is Halloween already? I thought for sure that must be those pesky Liberals howling again. Well no, it was not. Today, a Rasmussen poll came out that shows Claire McCaskill up by 10 points. Ya' think?!!
  What I think is that there was an agenda to this as soon as it hit, and it became known that the top GOP honchos were going to pull the money plug. There wasn't a single Democrat anywhere to be found squawking about this. President Obama only touched on it briefly a few days after it happened, and briefly again today. Even though Todd Akin was the one uttering those unseemly comments to get the wrecking ball rolling, our own Conservative media grabbed that ball and boy did they run with it.
  We all know what is at stake in this election. Taking control of the Senate is almost as equally important as taking the White House, especially if we are to have any hope of repealing Obama care. Maybe if the whole situation had just been condemned by all, and then we talked about something important, we would not be where we are. Come November, if Todd Akin loses the Senate election, the blame will not just be on him. It will also fall on the complete over reaction by top GOP officials, both state and national, and yes, we will have our own Conservative "experts" to thank as well.
  So nice going people. What happens when the almost impossibly high standards we are beginning to set become so steep that even mere mortals are unfit to run for office?
  Maybe some people should just come down off the table, and in those immortal words from Archie Bunker, stifle yourself.                

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