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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hey Everyone,
  I just finished reading the latest "the mean girls are picking on me!" column from everyone's "favorite?" liberal Maureen Dowd.  Wow. What a contrast to the list of endorsed candidates from Smart Girl Politics, the website I was on before I decided to venture into the elitist world of New York Times columnists.
  I know I'm just a hick from North St. Louis(MO) county. I was at WalMart just the other day...oh of THOSE people.  On Smart Girl, I read about six or seven Congressional candidates who are wives, mothers, small business owners, a few of them all of those at once. Strong independent women who have acheived their accomplishments on their own. Women who advocate smaller government, a whole lot more fiscal responsibility, and an economy that is once again strong and thriving.
  Then there was, as her friends call her, MoDo, complaining that those meanies like Sharon Angle, Christine O'Donnell, and don't forget Sarah Palin, just want to snatch Grandma's Social Security check out of her hand, and make sure no one ever sees a doctor ever again.
  There's a part of me that sort of feels sorry for ol' Maureen. I mean, all of those "nice" candidates that she would endorse, like Harry Reid, the Democrat in charge of Military morale ("The war is lost."), the ones who are running against those mean Republican women, are all behind in the polls, Nov. 2 is JUST not going to be a good hair day for poor Maureen.

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