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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hey Gang,
I had a thought today that the word "cauldron" implies a mixture, so I thought I would slip in a little mid-week thought on what I guess is the big story today, the rescue of the Chilean miners. I'm sure that we have all watched a portion of this truly historic rescue. Mining is such a dangerous job and I think the families of these brave men are just as much heroes as they are.
  I watched the last miner Luis Alberto Urzua be pulled to safety this evening. He was one of the older men trapped in the mine and was the shift leader.  Very shortly after the mine collapse, he took charge, as his title would imply, and organized the men into three groups and assigned them day and evening tasks, rationed out their food and water until more could be sent, and kept the morale of his men in as good a shape as he could. What is even more amazing is the fact that he had only worked at the mine for about two months. Last, but not least, he made sure that all of his men were pulled to safety before him.
   People like to try to convince us that character does not matter anymore, but because of the character of Mr. Urzua , the miners on his shift owe this man their lives.
  I remember, right after 9/11 hearing some European leader say that "We are all Americans".  Today, maybe we are all Chileans.  Welcome home guys.          

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