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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Welcome Everyone!
  My name is Becky, and this is my first blogging adventure.  I am a Wiccan, have been since 1999. I am also pretty Conservative. There are a few of us out there, but we are out here none the less!  I hope that I can bring a unique perspective to other Conservatives and just other people in general. Wicca and Witchcraft is nothing that people think it is, and it is my hope that I can make a whole lot of people see that.  I am just like everybody else, painfully normal, I just follow a different spiritual path. I will be getting into more the reasons that Paganism and Conservatism share a lot of the same values. I hope not just my fellow Conservatives, but everyone will enjoy reading what I have to say, and make The Conservative Cauldron a regular stop on the web.  


  1. Im a friend of your lovley husband, Randy. Im Fatima.. Im not sure if he'd told you about me, Im the reverted muslim who became hindu, then muslim again and Then a Christian(its a long story). Your husband and I have had many lovley conversations and I just think he is a great man with a amazing personality. He has also told me so much about you and I wanted to add you on Facebook to get connected.. if you accept of course.. if you dont then thats no problem :) I'm Fatima or Joanna Which is my real name.. I do not use Fatima now when I'm christian... You seems like a interesting woman and I wish to get to know you better, that is if you're intrested :) And i think you're right ;) There lives a witch in each everyone of us :D Have a great day :)

  2. I can see this was a great success. Shocker that the lazy fatass who eats all day couldn't get anything useful done. Well, there's always retweeting on Twitter to take the place of boyfriends and reality!