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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

America Can't Afford Any More Obama Parties

On Tuesday night, the Obamas threw another in a long line of glitzy White House parties. On hand were people like Mick Jagger and BB King. Michelle took time out of her busy vacation schedule to fly back, at your expense of course, to Washington for the big soiree.
  But Americans are not in a party kind of mood. While the drinks were flowing at the White House, gas prices were on their way to six dollars a gallon in some places in Florida. Oil today is at 106 dollars a barrel, a nine month high and the highest price ever for this time of the year. While Mick was gargling to warm up, a new Gallup Poll put the unemployment rate at 9%, up from 8.3%, and the real unemployment rate, the underemployed, the people who are only working part-time because they can't find full time employment, and the people who have simply stopped looking for work. They are the people that the government just doesn't count anymore, and also the number that the mainstream media never mentions, is 19%, up from 18.7%. While BB was tuning up the latest incarnation of "Lucille", the number of Americans who pay no taxes whatsoever has reached 49.5%.
    With the rise of gas prices, the Obama Administration has tried hard to keep focus on such things as a speech given by Rick Santorum in 2008, where he stated that "Satan has his sights set on America" But if the price of oil remains high, especially during the summer driving season, in addition to rising food prices, globally up 1.9% in January, most people will have a hard time caring whether or not Rick Santorum went out drinking for Mardi Gras with Lucifer himself, much less a speech he gave four years ago.
  The Obamas have taken 16 vacations during their 3 years in the White House. Many Americans will not be taking vacations this year, and they are having a hard time buying food and filling up their gas tanks. Could it be that the Obama administration is trying to get in all the perks they possibly can before the American people pull the plug on party time? It is up to the Republicans to make that happen.                 

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