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Monday, February 20, 2012

The Conservative Dilema

There are so many issues riding on the 2012 Presidential election for Conservatives. Right now, gas prices are at an all time high for this time of year, the chaos that is the middle-east not reaching a solution any time soon. And in a story by the AP's John Rogers, most baby-boomers who at one time could plan on retiring at some point, now have an "I guess I'll work 'til I drop" mentality about their economic outlook.
  But for a lot of Conservatives, social issues like abortion, Gay marriage, and immigration are what matters. So how do we decide which one will get us a win in 2012?
  Conventional wisdom says that if you take care of a lot of social ills, some of our economic woes disappear as well, and visa versa.  Would a decline in the illegitimacy rate translate into a decline in the need for many social programs that we just can't afford to expand right now?  Does a thriving economy and job market become a drop in the crime rate? The numbers do affect one another.
  Most pundits will tell you that the "divide" in the Republican Party is between the "establishment" Republicans and the "Tea Party" Republicans.  But maybe the social vs fiscal is the real story. The social Conservatives often times feel as if their votes are only valuable when it is crunch time and they are needed for an important vote. Those on the fiscal side of the fence feel that the country is at a crucial point and we must get our fiscal house in order before anything else can be addressed.
  Whether they know it or not, social and fiscal Conservatives need each other. The strength of the argument we present to the American people in November depends on the voices of us all. Because while we are debating which is better, social or fiscal Conservatism, Barack Obama is fundamentally transforming America.

Inroducing our new feature- From The Campaign Trail...
 Join Martin Baker, Republican Candidate for Missouri's 1st Congressional District for a screening of  the Documentary "Maafa 21". The story of the purpose and history of Planned Parenthood and founder Margaret Sanger as advocates for population reduction and eventual elimination of the Black population in America.
 Two showings on Saturday, Feb. 25 at 1:00pm at two locations:
      The St. Louis Public Library- Buder Branch
       4401 Hampton Ave. St. Louis   63109
       The St. Louis Public Library Cabanne Branch
       1106 Union Blvd.   St. Louis  63113
   HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!           


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