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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Bizzarro World of Obama

We all know that in the last three years, a lot of the things about our country that we know and love have been turned upside down, all in the name of Obama. Political correctness run amok, five year olds being suspended from school and being branded as sexual predators because they said a classmate was pretty, and let's not forget that everyone on the team gets a trophy so no ones self-esteem is trampled on.
  But it is especially insulting when the target is the Military. The Washington Free Beacon reported today that in an effort to cut spending, the Obama administration is attempting to cut the medical benefits of retired and active personnel. In an effort to cut 487 billion dollars over the next ten years. The goal is to force active duty and retirees out of Tricare with co pays increased more than three times the current levels into, you guessed it, Obama care.
  Meanwhile, down at Guantanamo Bay, the detainees will have a brand new $750,000 dollar soccer field, complete with an underground tunnel to make sure that people who have been detained because they have been deemed a threat to the United States can get to their new soccer field with the utmost comfort and ease. The bill of course goes to the American taxpayer.
  I think this can all be summed up with one thought...HHHHUUUUHHHH?! In polite company, I believe the phrase is Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, WTF.  When did it become OK to shortchange and hose the men and women who voluntarily leave homes and loved ones, to go to far off places that most public school children are unable to find on a map, endure all form of hardship and last but not least, put their lives on the lines 24/7 to protect freedom and liberty. As the daughter of an Army veteran, and a  former Navy SEAL I am so honored to call my friend it is the latest in a long line of slaps in the face by a Commander-In-Chief who views that highest of honors as nothing more than a necessary evil. It just happen to come with the job of being President.
 On the flip side of this, in order to keep terrorists happy, we are willing to spend hundreds of thousands of tax payer dollars. These are people who have made no bones about their attitudes towards the United States. They have acquired their all expenses paid stints at "Club Gitmo" through their known associates and activities. But let's make damn sure they all have Korans, food that is in accordance with Islamic law, and oh yeah, let's build them a soccer field while we are at it.
We wouldn't want anyone to be offended you know.
 Welcome to the bizzarrro world of Obama. Terrorists good, Military bad... Huh?            

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