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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Whitney-We Will Miss You

The world of music lost one of it's most angelic voices on Saturday. Singer Whitney Houston was found in her Los Angeles hotel room dead late Saturday afternoon.  An autopsy was done on Sunday but no cause of death had been determined pending toxicology reports which could take 6-8 weeks.
  Houston, 48, had been in Los Angeles to attend the 2012 Grammy awards. She was also scheduled to attend a pre-Grammy party given by recording executive Clive Davis.
  Whitney Houston's tumultuous marriage to singer Bobby Brown, and her very public drug addiction had taken their toll on one of the most dynamic voices in music.  She had been through rehab several times and seemed to be getting things together including the release of an upcoming movie.
  It seems the world continues to lose incredibly talented people in the prime of their lives, at the height of their careers to drugs and alcohol. Is there an answer to it? Is there, for lack of a better word, a cure? No one has the answer. Do people like Whitney, Elvis, or Michael Jackson become prisoners of their own fame before they know what is happening to them?  Are the feelings of loneliness so great that numbing them is the only way out? Everyday people will never know the answers to these questions unless they themselves achieve fame.
  Everyone's thoughts and prayers are with the people that loved Whitney. Her Mother, her daughter, and others who are not as close to the spotlight. People's opinions of Bobby Brown are quite mixed at this time. Is he to blame or was this just another example of a toxic relationship. Everyone will make up their own minds.
  Maybe it is best and most comforting to people who did not know Whitney but loved her music to remember her as beautiful and vibrant, singing the songs we all loved to hear her sing. She is certainly teaching those angels a thing or two about singing. 

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