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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Romney Takes Maine In A Squeaker

Mitt Romney seemed to hang on to his front runner status for the Republican Presidential nomination on Saturday winning the Maine Caucus by just three percentage points over second place rival Ron Paul. Romney came in at 39%, Paul a close second with 36%, Rick Santorum took third place with 18% and Newt Gingrich at 6%.
  It was a pretty productive weekend for the former Massachusetts Governor. At CPAC, the annual gathering of Conservatives in Washington DC, Romney took the straw poll win with 38%, Rick Santorum with 31%, Gingrich at 15% and Ron Paul with 12%. CPAC in the last few years has not just drawn what a lot of people would categorize as "establishment" Republicans, but all sorts of new Conservative media including websites, blogs, and talk radio personalities. These "new media" types want to ensure that the GOP will represent a vast array of Conservative viewpoints and not just the entrenched "old guard" Republicans.
  A "Southern Strategy" of sorts is gearing up in the weeks ahead.  It is thought that Mitt Romney will have trouble in the South, and that Newt Gingrich, who was a Representative from Georgia in his Congressional years will do very well in Dixie.
  Meanwhile, Romney is concentrating efforts in Arizona and Michigan on Feb.28. He is expected to win Michigan, where his father was Governor."Super Tuesday" votes in Georgia, Tennessee, and Virginia may be kind to Newt Gingrich. Rick Santorum, having had a good week last week in Colorado, Minnesota, and Missouri means that the roller coaster could be far from over.                   

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