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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Convenient Christianity

At the Grammy Awards on Sunday night, host LL Cool J began the show with a very touching and heartfelt prayer for Whitney Houston and her family. At the end of the prayer after Cool J said "amen", an audible murmur of "amen" could be heard coming from the audience. It was interesting how that little splash of Christianity at just the right time seemed to be o.k.
  But aren't a lot of these people the first ones to stand up and bash religion, specifically Christianity any time they have a chance? It was at this same awards ceremony that singer Niki Manaj showed up on the arm of a man dressed as the Pope and later in the show performed a mock "exorcism" on stage.
  This is a similar crowd who is outraged when Tim Tebow bends down on one knee after a successful play or a win. Recently, Victoria's Secret model Kylie Bisutti decided that, as a born-again Christian that she no longer wanted to model lingerie. That she wanted to be a better role model for young girls, and "save my body for my husband." Is she also worth a snicker and a giggle from the likes of the Grammy crowd?
  There is a war on Christianity going on in just about every walk of life. From the political arena to popular culture.  Why is religion and being a believer such a threat to others who, either adhere to a different belief, or no belief at all?  Even if one is neither Judeo or Christian, it is fact that America was founded on Judeo-Christian beliefs. Is it that those who wage war feel intruded upon? Do they feel they are being judged for something? Is it that they just don't want a bunch of "bible-thumpers" telling them what to do?
 It is possible that it is all of the above. We have become such an "anything goes" society, when people feel that their way of life, whatever that might be, is being scrutinized, they become defensive. No one wants to be told they are "wrong". Everyone feels that they live a moral life. But how many really do? There was a time when Tim Tebow and Kylie Bisutti were the norm, now they are the oddballs.
  Whitney Houston's peers in the music business paying tribute to her with a prayer is a beautiful thing. But is praying only acceptable when they say it is? How is judging now?              

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