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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Debate Finale

The Republican Presidential Candidates squared off for the final time before "Super Tuesday" on Wednesday night and before the upcoming primaries in Arizona and Michigan on Feb. 28.
  It was at times a heated, and 2-man debate between Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney. Rick Santorum has enjoyed the lead of late , and is up by 8 points in Arizona, but in a dead heat with Romney in Romney's home state of Michigan. As is often the case when you are the front runner, everyone is gunning for you and Santorum is no exception.
  All four candidates have what we like to call here at The Conservative Cauldron, "unconservatisms", Santorum has been somewhat immune lately, even being dubbed "the non-Romney".  Well, the non-Romney Conservative voting record in the Senate includes voting to raise the debt ceiling without voting for compensating budget cuts. There was the vote on the No Child Left Behind education bill that Santorum said went against a lot of his principles but had to "take one for the team."
  While Rick Santorum is in the lead nationally with 33%, it was not the best of nights for him. There was an audible groan from the audience at his "take one for the team" remark. That's what Americans are tired of, the "team sports" in Washington D.C.
  Mitt Romney by all accounts had a decent night. He went after Santorum's record but also attacked Barack Obama.  Today, Gallup has Romney at 50% and Obama at 46% in a head to head match up.
Through all of the changes in the lead, Romney has maintained a consistent percentage of the vote in each primary and caucus. But questions still remain among Tea Party fiscal Conservative types about whether Romney is a "true" Conservative, mainly because of Romney Care in Massachusetts. Newt Gingrich had a good night and possibly had the answer of the night when he challenged moderator John King as to why the media never questioned then candidate Obama on some of his votes in the Illinois State Senate on the issue of abortion.
  At some point, this process must come to a conclusion and a nominee decided upon. All of these candidates will have to stop beating up on each other and keep their eyes on the prize which is sending Barack Obama back to private life. All are for less government, less spending, a strong foreign policy, and getting the American economy back to where it should be. It will be the task of Conservatives to decide which of these candidates has the fewest "unconservatisms"

And From The Campaign Trail....
   Don't forget to join Martin Baker, Republican Candidate for Missouri's 1st Congressional District for a screening of Maafa 21, a documentary that takes a look at Planned Parenthood and Margaret Sanger and it's history of attempting to reduce and eventually wipe out the Black population in America. Two screenings, this Saturday, Feb. 25 at 1:00 pm at:
    St. Louis Public Library- Buder Branch
     4401 Hampton Ave. St. Louis 63109
    St. Louis Public Library-Cabanne Branch
     1106 Union Blvd.  St. Louis 63113
      HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!                        

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